Harry Styles Shania Twain

Harry Styles Names Country Star Shania Twain As His Fashion Icon And Bless Him

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The latest in the Harry-Styles-melting-our-freaking-hearts saga, Styles has gushed over his admiration for none other than country-pop legend, Shania Twain.

Behind the scenes of the Shanghai Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, before Harry’s performance (where he literally owned the stage), he opened up to Entertainment Tonight about one particular artist who has been a major influence on his career.

“I think both music and fashion, [my] main influence was probably Shania Twain,” Styles affirmed. “Yeah, I think she’s amazing.”

Harry’s answer just feels so pure and honest, it’s a lovely thing to hear legends inspiring other legends. Plus, we are not yet tired, nor will we ever be of Harry Styles’ brand.

Bury toxic masculinity and bring on more male artists shouting out to their female influencers. Power move Harry, power move.

Styles and Twain have actually been kinda m8s for a few years. After tweeting praise about Twain in 2013, Harry and the One Direction crew were invited to her Vegas show. It looks like the two are still chummy and there’s nothing not to like about this whole situation.

Basically this is so perfect and people are eating it right up.

Even Tegan and Sara are loving it.

So many legends in one place.

Also, make THIS happen.

Header via Getty Images, Celebrity News & Ian Lawrence.