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It’s True, There Is A ‘High School Musical’ Song For Every Star Sign

Are the rumours true? Is there not a star in heaven that we can’t reach?

We get it. Astrology as a higher power is remarkably questionable. But what we all can agree on is that High School Musical is an omnipotent deity that cannot be touched by any physical being (or can it?).

Whether you believe in the zodiac or not, there’s no harm in looking to the heavens for a little bit of guidance as to which HSM song is going to be your new anthem.


So if you think you are extra-specially ‘Fabulous’, or that maybe you ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’, we’ve deciphered exactly which High School Musical anthem best represents you, based on your Zodiac Sign.


‘Gotta Go My Own Way’

Let’s be honest, this song was written specifically for Aquarians. You have a bad habit of running away from your emotions, and sometimes you let an issue sort itself out without jumping in too much. You HATE broken promises, and if Troy swears that he’s gonna meet you at 6 and he never shows? Well, then he can fk off.

Accountability is key to you, and honesty is your number one thing when it comes to long-term relationships.

In tough times, you respect your alone time, craving a deep need to take some ‘me time’, rejuvenate, and… go your own way.


‘Bop to the Top’

In one word, Aries are winners. They will put every ounce of what they have into taking the prize and winning whatever they’ve set their mind to. If you’re an Aries, you are competitive AF, and 100% committed to ‘stepping up till we reach the top’. Your social, work and personal life needs to match up with the dream life you’ve envisioned.

You may be blunt, but that’s the price to pay for ‘dreaming’ and ‘shooting for the stars’.


‘Stick to the Status Quo’

“Nooo! No, No, No!” The Gemini has two different personalities and you have no fkn clue which one you’re gonna be talking to that day. Are you gonna be talking to Martha; the book-worm? Or Martha; the hip-hop dance superstar? Gemini’s aren’t ashamed to have a personality twin, and they know that some days they’ll be serious and focused, and two seconds later they could be the life of the party.

You can’t put a Gemini in a box, they’ll never stick to the status quo!


‘Work This Out’

So, maybe you’re a bit of a know-it-all, but Capricorns are born managers. They know exactly what they want and the exact methodical way to do so. Are the Wildcats all over the place effing shit up? Well then the Capricorns will step in and provide guidance, and give rules and boundaries guaranteed to work everything out.

I mean sure, a Capricorn might have issues thinking creatively outside the box, but they know that the only way to get things done is to have a plan and follow it – and that’s why they exceed at climbing the ladder (and getting promoted to golf caddy).


‘Breaking Free’

The Sag is the dreamer of the Zodiac and is all about stepping away from societal expectations and… breaking free (we had to say it, c’mon). Sagittarius’ hate being constrained, and you cannot tell them that there’s a star they can’t effin reach. They are hella philosophical, and they’re always scouring the earth looking for their purpose in life.

The Sag loves to travel and make friends from all over the globe. They know that ‘the world can see us in a way that’s different from who we are’, and their love for diversity really opens their mind to discover anything in the universe is possible.



You already knew! Leos are born leaders, and want the ‘whole world according to moi’. You are confident, passionate, and are so comfortable with how you are as an individual. Leos are the centre of the circle, and are treated like a queen whether they want it or not (they definitely do).

Leos love expensive things, whether it be ‘ice tea imported from England’ or ‘turkey imported from Maine’. Leos are pretty much the first to praise themselves for a job well done, and their ego is what drives them to achieve all their hopes and dreams in life.

Honestly, Leos are fabulous, is there any better way to describe?


‘Just Wanna Be With You’

It’s pretty much impossible not to want to fall in love with a Scorpio. Literally, you’ll just wanna be with them.

Once you break down their shell you will find that the Scorpio is the most loyal, loving and passionate person you’ll ever meet. They’ll love harder than literally any other star sign and, not to sex-up a Disney film, they are the most generous lovers in the bedroom and will literally ‘wanna be with you’…  all night long.


‘Bet On It’

When it comes to a Taurus, you can most definitely bet the fk on them. They are reliable AF and well-grounded. If you’re a Taurus, you are the ‘type of guy that means what I say’, because you take accountability for everything you do.

The Taurus will stick to their choices, and won’t compromise their opinion just to make others happy. Taurus’ make excellent employees (or Wildcat members), because once they have a plan, they definitely ‘won’t stop’ till they get their ‘shot’.


‘Can I Have This Dance?’

If you’re a Virgo, chances are you need your partner to give you a whole lot of love before you can open up. It’s rare to hear direct statements like ‘I love you’, but a symbolic “Can I have this dance?” will certainly mean a shitload more to a Virgo than you think it does.

Virgos don’t sleep around with just anyone, as they want that special time to be with someone important which is why they usually end up with their firsts. Their bae will find that a Virgo will care and nurture them, as long as they have trust. A Virgo is a friend for life, and once you know one ‘even a thousand miles can’t keep us ap


‘Start of Something New’

A Libra KNOWS when they’ve met someone worth meeting. Once they’ve made up their mind on who they’re gonna be with, it most definitely becomes the ‘start of something new’. They are inherently dedicated to their relationship and they’re always looking for their end goal.

‘Love at first sight’ is huge with Libras, as they know that ‘now looking in your eyes, I feel in my heart, the start of something new’.



Just like the Pineapple Princess Tiki, the Pisces is compassionate and gentle, always looking to the spirits for romance. When Princess Tiki cared for beloved Prince Humumunuknu…(you get the point), she had no idea her power of love would turn him into a real prince!

Pisces’ are always selfless, helping others and expecting nothing in return. They are faithful, caring, and are always forgiving. Oh, and the Pisces symbol is fish; just like Humumunukukuapua’a.


‘What I’ve Been Looking For’

At first, Cancers are shy and sensitive, but once you get to know them it’ll be ‘hard to believe you were always right beside me’. They look for someone who knows them unlike no one else, ensuring their bae makes them feel comfortable and protected AF.

Cancers are quite moody and a lack of love can cause severe temper changes. So one minute they might be Ryan and Sharpay doing jazz hands, then two seconds later they’re Troy and Gabriella singing softly by the piano.

However, once a Cancer gets over their ‘so lonely before’ mood and finally finds love, they’ll be the most caring, romantic and trustworthy partners ever.