15 Life Lessons We Learned From High School Musical’s Sharpay Evans

Let’s all agree that Sharpay Evans was the real star of the entire High School Musical franchise because it’s just plain true ok team.

No one had more wisdom to impart than Sharpay. She was full of confidence, sass, talent and life lessons that we should all take note of to create better versions of ourselves. The best version we can be is to be as much like Sharpay as possible. Agreed? Great! Read on my friend.

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So, to assist in your journey of self-improvement, we’ve stockpiled some of the most important life lessons we can absorb from Sharpay Evans*. May you become more and more like Sharpay with every decision you make. Let’s do this.

1. Personal brand is important

Having a signature aesthetic is a sign of great power. So are tiaras.

2. Don’t let boys interrupt you

Not under any circumstances. This is not about THEM.

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3. Don’t let boys slow you down

Treat ’em mean keep ’em keen.

4. Be better than other people at stuff

Just…be better.


5. Keep your subordinates the fuck in line

It’s your way or the highway.

6. Always warm up

If you don’t warm up properly you might die.

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7. Capitalism is good

How can consumerism be bad with a bop this hot? Not possible.

I heard that.

8. Sometimes rhyming is a good enough reason to say anything

Because the towels were imported from Turkey it had to be Turkey and it had to be imported from Maine because the lifeguards were from Spain and ooooooh yeaaaaa the rhyme feels so good and so right don’t fight it.

9. Daddy is the way to a boys heart

Morally grey but I’m just saying she’s not necessarily wrong.

Homeboy clearly wants to get it.

10. Play dumb it’s cute and not at all annoying

I’m like 90% sure.

11. If he ain’t married it’s anyone’s game

Ammirite haha maybe not on this one guys I’ll get back to you. Let’s maybe stick to the fashion instead…

 12. This vest.

I’m SURE about this. This vest is wisdom you can’t put a price on.

13. Props are great use them wisely

You’ve gotta go above and beyond the baseline if you wanna stand out in this world people. So buy shit that sparkles. ASAP.

14. The spotlight is important

Seize it. Rip it away from others if you must.

15. Don’t hold in your angst

It’s best to project your stresses at a high volume in the form of song. It’s the perfect combo of therapeutic and fun.

*disclaimer: these aren’t all necessarily good life lessons, but yolo.