Here’s 7 Times The Hills Was The Epitome Of White Kid Privilege

The Hills is a show that was one of the first manifestations of the ‘scripted reality’ genre, which we all now hold so dear to our hearts.

While Lauren or LC was the star, her frenemies Heidi and Spencer really gave the show its cult following- along with the rest of the cast Audrina, Whitney, Lo, Stephanie, Brody… and who can forget Justin Bobby? (I can’t, phwooaar).

While we were only given a finely edited version into the lives of the genetically rich in their twenties, the show really just demonstrated the self-indulgent habits of the other side – and the results were often fucking frustrating.

Here are 7 times the show was just too damn privileged for words:

1. LC Says ‘No’ To Going To Paris For Teen Vogue, So She Could Instead Have Hangs With Her Boyfriend

After LC was lucky enough to get an internship with Teen Vogue fresh out of high school, she was offered the opportunity by her editor to go to Paris for the magazine. But she decided to instead spend the summer with her on/off boyfriend Jason.

For anyone eager to enter the fashion industry, saying ‘no’ to the chance to go to the fashion capital of Paris is too stupid for words.

2. Heidi And Friends Gatecrashed LC’s Super Exclusive Work Party

After LC had just started working for Teen Vogue, one of her first tasks was to manage and execute an exclusive industry party. Cue her friends Heidi and Audrina gatecrashing. The worse thing is that LC actually makes Whitney let them into the party – endangering Whitney’s job in the process.

Once the gang gets in, they go on to get fuck-eye wasted and make a big ol’ scene. LC in any other job, would have been fired. But alas, she only receives a stern talking to from her boss. #Privilege

3. Heidi And Spencer Hire A Hispanic Boy As Their Neighbour To Practice Parenting

This is when it gets hella creepy. Remember how that adorbs little neighbour Enzo would come over to Heidi and Spencer’s house to err… test out their parenting skillz. Well, it turns out he didn’t live next door to Speidi, the couple actually filmed in his home.

Speidi just pretended to live there just to use Enzo as their sit-in neighbour- all to follow the story that Spencer wasn’t ready to be a father. This shit is just weird.

4. LC Destroys A Dress In Paris She Had On Loan From Alberta Ferretti

This whole scenario in Paris was royally fucked. First Whitney and LC decide to pick up their dresses that they will be loaning, before picking up the shoes for the debutantes… for you know the Crillon Ball that THEY ARE IN PARIS FOR. The shoe store closes before they get there. Great!

Then when they do get their dresses from Alberta Ferretti, LC decides to wear hers out and even sews it shorter- which is literal fashion blasphemy. In the end, the dress gets destroyed by her curling tongue. Wtf, have some respect ladies!

5. Spencer Graffitied An Entire Wall Of His And Heidi’s Home

Spencer and Heidi as a couple often seemed more like a hostage crisis than a relationship. They would often do things behind each other’s back and it was just dysfunctional nonsense.

This time, Spencer hires a graffiti artist to tag all over one of the white walls in their home. When Heidi finds it, she paints over it with a paint roller. Who is paying for this shit?

6. Audrina Moves In With Lauren And Lo But Had To Stay In The Poolhouse

LC, Lo and Audrina move out together, HOWEVER Audrina does not actually move in with them but instead is forced to inhabit the revolting POOL HOUSE. Keep in mind, this poo house is bigger and nicer than my apartment.

There is such a standoff between the housemates, that Lo and LC feel uncomfortable entering. Come on guys, it’s a pool house, not the entrance to West Berlin.

7. Spencer Became Obsessed With Spirituality And Even Bought A $70 Thousand Dollar Crystal

Towards the end of the series, Speidi became slightly deranged and Spencer claimed to find spiritual enlightenment and was seriously obsessed with crystals. He literally spent thousands on them. He even admits to forking out $70k on a single crystal. No, just no.