HOLY SHIT: Crowd Stumbles Upon A Giant Python Devouring An Entire Possum At Byron Bay

Any one out there with ophidiophobia, look away now. A humongous mo-fo of a snake has been spotted devouring an ENTIRE possum at Byron Bay. Eeeeek!

Michelle Hunjak was out walking from Byron Bay’s lighthouse on Sunday with her sister Simone when the pair noticed the massive python halfway through eating the possum, while still suspended from a tree.


He ain’t letting go. The poor lil floofy possum never stood a chance.


Despite the horrific scene, Hunjak told 9news.com.au she is actually a self-professed snake lover and was low-key frothing over what she had witnessed.

“I really love snakes so it was amazing to see the feeding in person. I had no idea they would be able to eat something like that,” Michelle said.

“I was more intrigued and excited rather than scared.”


The snake is believed to be a carpet python, which on average grows to around 1.4 metres in length, but is not venomous. The two Sydney sisters stayed for about 15 minutes as the spectacle drew in quite a crowd.

“I would have loved to stay and watch the whole thing,” Michelle said.

Thnx for those nightmares.