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We Simply Must Talk About The Time Ed Sheeran Was On ‘Home & Away’

You know you’ve truly made it in Australia if you get a cameo on classic soaps Neighbours or Home and Away and back in 2015 Ed Sheeran made a very random appearance that I had completely forgotten about.

Five years ago, Summer Bay hosted a visit from the global superstar himself and rewatching it is beyond weird. I hope he’s wearing sunscreen?!

The singer played himself… well at first he is referred to as ‘Teddy’. He is supposed to be one of the children that Marilyn Chambers babysat when she lived in the UK.

She brings Ed into The Diner, not realising that he is an extremely famous singer/songwriter. As Marilyn notices him getting weird looks and cafe patrons approaching him for autographs, she is told, “Darling, he is an international superstar!”

Let’s watch the intro below:

In the next scene, Ed performed for the Summer Bay residents. He didn’t just sing any old song either, he belted out ‘Thinking Out Loud’ — the track that would win him his first Grammy.

If you listen carefully enough, you catch a few ‘WOO HOOS’, which is a common catchcry at any Aussie gig. I’m surprised the crowd didn’t descend into a chorus of ‘Hey Baby’.

While Ed is singing his heart out, these two characters are eye-fucking each other across the room.

ed sheeran home and away

‘Hey….you, you there’

home and away ed sheeran


All of a sudden, they both leap across the room and they start macking on in front of everyone.

ed sheeran home and away

*Punkee kissing noise*

People DO fall in love in mysterious ways. The song! Such power!

This guy bloody loves it!!!

home and away ed sheeran

‘We have fun here!’

Ed seems stoked too, despite these random strangers interrupting his gig.

home and away ed sheeran

‘I’m so lonely inside’

Ed spoke about his Home and Away cameo in an interview at the time, saying “It’s an Australian institution. It’s always on in my local chip shop,” he said. “I got asked to do it and it sounded like it could be fun. I did Shortland Street in New Zealand as well.”

While Neighbours has played host to a bunch of famous faces, like Lily Allen, and noughties icons Emma Bunton and Hanson, it was nice to see Home and Away get a decent cameo for once.

Although I’m low-key mad they didn’t seize the chance to make Ed one of the River Boys.