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Help, I Am Incredibly Thirsty For Tane On ‘Home & Away’

There are a few guarantees in Summer Bay. Alf, for one. Marilyn always smiling even if she’s angry or upset. Leah having something tragic happen to her because she can’t get a break. And some shirtless, good looking men.

I’ve picked up watching Home and Away on the reg in iso because, well, there’s only so much Yoga with Adriene one person can do per day before it’s a cry for help, and there’s something comforting about getting lost in those nostalgic vibes of Summer Bay where everyone’s life is worse off than mine most of the time.

While I’ve been stressing over Jasmine’s run of bad luck recently, something else has made me tune in more eagerly this week. It’s a looming presence hard to ignore. I get a little flutter in my stomach when the promos show the impending arrival. And all of a sudden, I find the New Zealand accent sexy.

I am talking about the character of Tane Parata, played by Ethan Browne.

tane home and away

The Parata family descended on Summer Bay earlier this year, though Ari Parata was first seen in the hostage situation of last year and helped Marilyn through a panic attack, as well as her trauma after the siege.

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The Parata family hasn’t had it easy, and in recent episodes Nikau (Ari’s nephew) went in search of his other uncle Tane, begging to live with him after one too many clashes with Ari.

Enter Tane.

tane home and away

On tonight’s episode, Tane and Ari look set to face off arguing about Nikau, but I don’t really care for that. This is the most compelling TV I’ve watched all iso.

Look at them glaring at each other. Why is it so hot?

tane home and away

Tane looks set to make some real waves at Summer Bay (lol, sorry) and I for one can’t wait to see what kind of trouble he stirs up.

tane home and away

It’s all a bit reminiscent of the River Boys but, well, sexier and with no shit tattoos.

I was meant to go to NZ for the first time this year before Rona hit, and now the sadness is hitting me in a different way.

tane home and away shirtless

Well, we can’t have The Bachelor this year (probably) so at least for now, there’s plenty of shirtless Tane running around the beach on Home and Away. Honestly, it makes for a good Bachy promo regardless.

Thank you Home and Away gods for bringing us Tane, Ari, and Nikau. We are forever grateful.