Australian Ninja Warriors Hotties

DROOL: We’ve Found All The Hot Ninja Warrior Contestants’ Instagram Accounts

Stalking the profiles of all the steaming hot Aussie Ninja Warriors is a beautiful thing we can all pursue in the name of ‘fitspo’. Watching these Aussie babes work out is probably stimulating some kinda’ health benefit #seemslegit.

Australian Ninja Warrior has sucked us all in with the amazing displays of physical fitness, exciting obstacle courses and the absolutely fuckin hot contestants. It’s rig city at the Ninja courses and we can’t get enough of it.

So to justify our stalk game this Friday afternoon, we’ve compiled the Instagram accounts of some of our fave Aussie Ninja Warrior candy to satisfy your thirst.

Starting with the mighty fine men…

Nathan McCallum

Scott Evennett

Your body is a reflection of your mind.. your drive, your hunger, your passion and your discipline are all on display to the world. ———————– And what about your attitude and character being a reflection of your body.. who thinks they feel more confident, walk more confident and talk more confident when in good shape. ———————- Damn straight people. The connection is often overlooked and blocked by emotion. But this is something I live for.. it's who I am. And I want the world to recognize. ———————– It's time to redesign yourself.. it's time to build yourself.. its time to work ???????? ———————- Challenge Accepted ———————– #performixdriven #lalotactical #bemorehuman #theworkisworthit #evennettarmy #evennett #commandotough

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Ok so here's the Rehab update. For new comers to my page, 8 weeks ago, I had major tricep surgery. Reattaching it to the bone. ———————– Within minutes of the injury, my brain was coming up with a new plan. "Problem" solving my way around this new speed bump. ———————- New mission. Do something that will shock everyone. Go in the opposite direction mentally… by physically training to become fitter, more ripped, more flexible and stronger. ———————– "FK my arm.. ok grow another." ———————- Well, I'm pretty damn happy with the progress. Climbing ropes, doing sets of 100 push-ups, resistance training, HIIT workouts. And ninja. It's all happening. ———————- Never give up, never give in, and never stop moving forward. #norxcuses #nomercy #zerofucksgiven #bemorehuman #performixdriven #lalotactical #commandotough #challengeaccepted

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Jack Wilson

• _____________ BElieve in YOUrself.. ⭐️ _____________ #family #shine #giggles #dreams #goals #inspiration #believe #heart

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Tom Pichler

Welcome to sunny Salt Lake City! Walking around the block to try stay awake before dinner.

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Dylan Pawson

Francis Cullimore


Aurelien Apport


Ryan Solomon


As a wise old man once said. "If thou liketh, than thy ought to put a ring on it"

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Kadeem Aarons

More workout videos & advice to come #fitness #calisthenics

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And now for the amazing, hot as hell women:

Olivia Vivian

#FriYAYsFunPlay!! After traveling East, North, South and East all over the world this past week, my brain feels a little sideways…. . ????????????‍♀️???? . Lucky for me, Santa Monica can accomodate for that!! . ????????????‍♀️???? . Fun little side step handstand on a metal beam! Would love to see all you handstanders give this one a try!! Especially the incredible @erikalisthenics aka #RippedRapunzel ???? . Happy play time ????????????‍♀️???? . #Ninja #Fitness #Health #Strong #Flexible #Gymnast #Olympian #NinjaLife #Laugh #Learn #Grow #Strength #Athlete #Fun #Love @lululemonausnz @lululemon @usanaau @usanainc @womenshealthaus @womensfitnessmag @fitnessgirlsmotivation @ninjawarrior @ninjawarriorau @ninja_warrior_life @ninjawarriortrainingoz @anwnation @ninja_warrior_fanpage ❤️????????????????????

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Season two… I'm coming for you!! ???????????? . #Ninjawarriorau @ninjawarriorau #Straya

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#ThursdaysTongueShot . ???????????? . When the obstacles a bit of a cruise, and the photographers in your face…. guns out tongues out!! . ???????????? . Never forget to enjoy the moment and have fun whilst you're doing something you train so hard for!! What's the point if you don't enjoy it?? . ???????????? . Credit @ninjachallengeleague for the snap Photo by @frankophoto ! . #Ninja #Fitness #Health #Strong #Flexible #Gymnast #Olympian #NinjaLife #Laugh #Learn #Grow #Strength #Athlete #Fun #Love @lululemonausnz @lululemon @usanaau @usanainc @womenshealthaus @womensfitnessmag @fitnessgirlsmotivation @ninjawarrior @ninjawarriorau @ninja_warrior_life @ninjawarriortrainingoz @anwnation @ninja_warrior_fanpage ❤️????????????????????

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Celeste Dixon

Larissa Grace Miller

Lisa Parkes

Katie Williams

Swim, Rosè & Repeat #theyachtweek @laineswimwear

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Life is about balance. The good and the bad. The highs and the lows. The piña and the colada #EuroSummer

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Jenna Douros

BCAA's are very important element in my supplementation due to the fact that I my workouts are intense????, two ✌????gruelling rounds of HIIT a day plus a hefty weights session every night ????????‍♀️. While I love getting my sweat on I also love muscle????????. So to make sure my weight training doesn’t get cancelled out by the amount of high intensity training that I do Amino’s are a must for me to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue, reduce those DOMS, assist with muscle recovery, and support muscular endurance during my workouts. – – The BCAA’s that I am currently using thanks to @massivejoes is Core Nutritionals ????. Let me tell you why! – – Firstly….it's a flavour SENSATION, think Gummy snakes ????, yep enuf said. – – Lemmi break-it-down ⬇️: – – ✔️A whopping 5g of Leucine which is largely considered the prime amino acid responsible for protein synthesis (muscle growth) hello gains. ✔️10g BCAAs of 2:1:1 ratio ✔️L-Leucine – helps with muscle recovery and soreness ✔️Beta-Alanine – prevents muscular fatigue in turn helping you to train hard for longer ✔️Citrulline Malate – helps with muscle pumps, nutrient delivery to those muscle cells ✔️5% flavours, no colours, dyes, no fillers…. Need I go on? – – An amino acid supplement is designed to improve performance during your workouts and improve muscle recovery in between your workouts. If you're not currently taking a BCAA, implementing one into your daily sup intake could raise your fitness game a notch and even help torch fat ????. – – BOOYAAAA ???????????? – – ???? @musmusgrave @massivejoes @teammassivejoes @tmjapparel #JennaDouros #JDFit #LiftintoLife #TheJennarator #Fitness #Supplements #Muscle #Recovery #MassiveJoes #TMJ

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Sopeia Kong

Create your own happiness ???? #ninjawarriorau #photoshoot #bikinimodel #tattoo #ink #martialartsgirls

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Feel free to read my story online at courier @ninjawarriorau @couriermail #ninjawarriorau #nunchucks

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