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How To Buy A Bra Online That Actually Fits, According To Lingerie Experts

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If nipples are the eyes of the chest, that means that bras are akin to glasses (stay with me), and like glasses, choosing the correct bra is a rather specialised experience.

Many of us decided what bra size we were as mere teenagers, and despite our changing bodies, we still often wear bras that are too tight, too loose, or just aren’t quite right. Adding to the confusion is that so many lingerie brands are now sold exclusively online — and the options are endless.

So how the hell do you choose a bra online without trying it on IRL? We’ve enlisted the help of Laura Moxon and Ebony van Schaik, the founders of Souszy, a website you’ve probably spotted in your Instagram feed.

Souszy sell local and global lingerie, sleepwear and loungewear brands, and they recently collaborated with Abbie Chatfield.

We asked Souszy’s Laura Moxon and Ebony van Schaik for their tips on choosing the correct sized bra when shopping online.

1. Check the sizing system.

“Having the same bra size between all lingerie brands would save everyone a lot of time and confusion, but sizes can vary from brand to brand. Some brands will use UK, European or Australian sizing which means although you’re a size 12C in one brand, you might be a 32C in another. It’s important to be familiar with your measurements so you can find the right fit no matter the brand.”

2. Don’t just buy the same size as usual, unless you’re sure it’s the right size for you.

“Sometimes bras can cop a bad reputation; it’s always a relief when you get home, undo your bra, and let the girls hang free, right? However, if you can’t wait to take your bra off at the end of the day, it might be because you’re not wearing the right bra size. And don’t worry — you’re not alone! Studies show that eight out of ten women wear the wrong bra size. 

If your cup is half full, it’s time for a new bra! Some tell-tale signs that you’re wearing the wrong sized bra includes spillage over the cup and over-raised bands. The middle part of your bra should always sit comfortably on your ribcage, not too loose but not too tight.”

3. Actually read the size guide.

“The size guide will be your best friend when it comes to purchasing bras online. For example, sizing between bras and bralettes are quite different, usually bralettes are sized from S>XXL or 6>24 etc and not cup size.”

4. If all else fails, whip out a measuring tape.

“The two most important tips for choosing the right bra online is having a measuring tape handy so that you can make sure you’re purchasing the right size for you, and referring to the size chart.

Three components make up a bra size: your band size, your bust size, and your cup size.

Band size: your band size is measured by wrapping the measuring tape directly under your bust and across your back. To find your most accurate size, make sure you keep the tape parallel to the floor and round down to the nearest inch.

Bust size: take the measuring tape and comfortably place is across the fullest part of your chest. You’ll need to make sure that the tape is parallel to the ground and round up to the nearest inch.

Cup size: finally, the cup size is the measurement that the vast majority tend to get wrong. This isn’t entirely because of measurements, it’s also because cup sizes can differ significantly across manufacturers and brands, making it just that little bit difficult!

The easiest way to calculate your cup size is by subtracting your band measurement from your bust measurement (bust – band = cup). If the difference is one inch, your cup size is an A. If the difference is two inches, your cup is a B. If the difference is three inches, your cup size is a C, so on and so forth.”