Hunting Ground Survivors And Lady Gaga Ink Up In Solidarity With Matching Tattoos

You saw them perform live with Lady Gaga at The Oscars singing “Til It Happens To You”, now all the performers, most of whom are survivors, have acquired matching tattoos to symbolise solidarity.

According to comments on Facebook, the symbol that the team of survivors have inked upon their skin symbolises strength, unity and survivorship.

“designed by Jackie Lin, was inspired by the universal symbol for unity & Lady Gaga‘s favorite flower, a rose, on fire. Strength, unity, survivorship.”

Other survivors of sexual assault have commented on The Hunting Ground‘s Facebook page, asking if they too can also join and ink up in solidarity. Many have replied encouraging the action, because no one should feel alone in this.

“Great! I have always wanted to show that I was once a victim and now I am a survivor…this would be perfect..thank you!!!”

This is a beautiful symbol of unity and just what a many silent survivors need to see, because they’re not alone.

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