'Hustlers' Queen Cardi B On The Emotional Stages Of A Day At The Races

The Emotional Stages Of A Day At The Races As Told By Gifs Of Cardi B

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Hustlers is in cinemas October 10.

The races are an occasion for dressing extravagantly and just being completely extra. So, naturally, the best way to capture the play-by-play of your standard races day is through the most wonderfully extra star around: Cardi B.

In this case, Cardi B gifs are not only an accurate representation of race day, they are also an inspiration to us all. When you’re out and about, just ask yourself, “What Would Cardi Do?”, then act accordingly. It’s a fair way to honour our Queen of Sass, Rap, and now we can add Queen of the Screen to her list of titles as well, ahead of her acting debut in the hit movie Hustlers. Cardi plays a badass stripper alongside legends like Jennifer Lopez, Constance Wu, and Lizzo, and that is the kind of powerful group energy that the crew needs to bring to race day.

So, let’s prepare by going over the standard emotional stages of a day at the races, as told by Cardi B gifs.

#1. Embracing The Hype At Pres

There’s nothing like the event before THE event to get you pumped. Pres is sometimes the best bit, so ride that high for all it’s worth. The crew looks fresh, everyone’s together, the tunes are all throwbacks and you don’t even have to wear your shoes yet.

#2. Indignantly Standing By Your Outfit Choice

Travelling from pres to your destination sometimes means having to face the fact that your outfit – though aesthetically exquisite – is undeniably impractical. But you know what? We don’t care!!! Sure, it might be hard to sit, walk in your shoes, or stay warm, but if you’re feelin’ your outfit and feelin’ yourself in it, then you do you.

In the wise, iconic words of Cardi B, a hoe truly does not ever get cold.

#3. Feelin’ Yourself During Your Obligatory Photoshoot Sesh

Once you’ve arrived it’s time to embrace your inner Leo while your crew gets the shot. I mean, it would be rude not to. May we all have even a fraction of the confidence and charisma that Cardi has in front of the camera.

#4. Falling In Love When You Spot A Cutie

Yeah, look, let’s be honest: the races are full of a lot of hot people dressed to impress, and sometimes you spot a cutie and a Nora Ephron rom-com begins to play out in your head. Part of you might think playing it cool is the best move, but remember to ask yourself: What Would Cardi Do?

#5. The Glory Of Accidentally Backing A Winner

They say the house always wins, but when you cop a random win all through the power of guess work, it feels like the universe is doing you a solid. There’s nothing like pure chance lining up to make you feel like a low-key genius.

#6. Realising You’re Damn Hungry

And, when you get a feed, that it’ll be the best damn meal you ever eat.

#7. Serving Absolute Sass When Security Tells You To Put Your Shoes Back On

I’m just saying, unless the security guard has ever spent five hours standing on soft grass in heels, then they’ve got no right to call you messy for taking a little break. The aUDaCitY.

#8. Giving In To Exhaustion

It’s a big day and being the life of the party takes its toll. When you can barely keep your eyes open anymore, it’s time to go.

See Cardi B in Hustlers, in cinemas on October 10.

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