ICYMI, Here’s Amy Schumer Absolutely Eviscerating A Gross Sexist Heckler Like A Boss

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Last Wednesday, Amy Schumer perfectly demonstrated how to deal with a heckler during her Stockholm show. Just two minutes into her performance, some douche knuckle lowlife heckler decided to call out“show us your tits” at the comedian.

Maybe he was unfamiliar with Schumer’s comedy, as she decides to immediately take him on, getting the audience to point out the heckler. Schumer questions him about his job, before threatening to have him thrown out saying:

“If you yell out again, you’re going to be yelling show your tits to people in the parking lot, cause you’re going to get thrown out motherfucker.” 

The heckler is escorted out after shouting again, despite Schumer’s clear warning that she will not tolerate his BS.

Schumer also tells the audience to clap if you think we should throw him out”. In response the majority of the crowd claps, showing that they stand by Schumer’s decision cos she’s a total B.O.S.S.

Watch the full video below:

Schumer is bringing her comedy show to Australia in December.