Brazilian Prisoner

WATCH: Idiotic Prisoner Caught Attempting To Escape Brazilian Jail Through The Toilet

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Well that was a shit idea…

A ridiculously optimistic prisoner has gone to outrageous measures to try and escape a Brazilian jail, attempting to wriggle his way through a communal toilet.

In a effort that has has been likened to the plot from the 1994 film, The Shawshank Shaw-Staaank Redemption, the prisoner is seen jiggling his way down the toilet’s pipe whilst being supported by his buddies.

Finally realising that their plan is a festering turd of an idea, they pull the man back up the pipe by his poo-soaked legs and he returns to his cell caked in excrement.

Footage of the jailbird’s desperate escape emerged online via LiveLeak

Watch the escape video below:


Take note kids, crime is a shitty business. The whole thing has got us feeling a little bit like ol’ mate below: