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Abbie Has Clapped Back At Ash Following His Shady Comments On ‘I’m A Celebrity’

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I’m A Celebrity’s budding romance between Ash Williams and Abbie Chatfield seems to be over before it even began, with Ash making some pretty shady comments about Abbie on last night’s episode.

Despite sharing a bed the night before (which was an idea that he suggested), following the arrival of Alli Simpson, Ash told Grant Denyer and some of the other boys that he had regrets about sleeping in the same bed as Abbie. “It is very tough because… in all seriousness she [Alli] is way more my type,” he said, while in response, Grant laughed, “A mere six hours after someone left your bed?”

This whole exchange went down at Abbie’s expense, despite the fact that Ash suggested that morning that they should share a bed again. It’s classic fuckboi, mind-fucking behaviour and it’s not OK.

Following the episode, Abbie posted her thoughts on Instagram:

I'm a celebrity abbie ashI'm a celebrity abbie ashI'm a celebrity abbie ash

Abbie also posted a short video to her IG stories addressing her fans. “Being completely honest regarding tonight, I know you all probably want a feminist rant about locker room talk and boys’ clubs and stuff. But to quite frank, I’m just hurt and I feel like I was spoken about like I’m an inconvenience and easily discarded,” she said.

“I’ve been talking a bit lately that my self-esteem hasn’t been very good lately, and I know you all want me to be the self-love queen, but it’s like at an all-time low — and this was just a kick in the guts.”

After Ash and Grant’s conversation was aired, host Julia Morris made an important point: “What I loved about that conversation was the unquestioned assumption that it is Ash’s choice to make — as though the romantic success with Abbie and Alli is just a foregone conclusion, and they have no choice in the matter whatsoever,” she said. AMEN.

This is an important point. What was missing from Ash and Grant’s jokes was how Alli actually feels about Ash. We learned later in the episode that Alli is seeing someone else, so maybe next time fellas… y’all shouldn’t speak about potentially hooking up with a woman who may not reciprocate your feelings.

The whole exchange was gross. Alli and Abbie deserve better.

I'm a celebrity abbie ash