Corey Worthington Grew Up And Got Married Over The Weekend

Remember Corey Worthington? The kid who threw a big-ass party and refused to take his sunnies off for ACA?

Well now he’s all grown up. So much so that he just got hitched over the weekend in Bali. Worthington, now 24, tied the knot with the love of his life, 28 year old Mel Borg.

The entire wedding album was captured by Woman’s Day who speak to the couple about their plans for the future in their latest issue, which is out now.

Update: The image from the wedding has been removed on copyright grounds. You can view it here. 

Worthington recently appeared on Studio Ten this year to chat about growing up and how he feels about the infamous party. He’s made things up to his parents but claims ‘I still like to party’.

At this rate, there’s no doubt we’ll see him soon on Celebrity Apprentice or Dancing With The Stars sometime soon.

Wedding photos via Woman’s Day.