The Internet Is Getting Behind This Champ And His Hilarious Wedding Photo Fail

Imagine going viral after sharing an unflattering photo on Twitter. What an epic mark to leave on the world.

Some pictures are just such perfect fails that they are works of art. Like this wonderfully awkward pic snapped by a wedding photographer that’s now a viral sensation all over the internet because just look at it – it’s fucking funny.

Mike shared the pic and little did he know it was just the most perfect gift to give the internet because we love nothing more than to laugh at another’s misfortune. It’s a cruel cruel habit but it’s true.

Nek minute, viral city:

Mike is a champ and he was getting amongst the lolz:

He speaks the truth:

And Mike is asking the right questions. Whaddup wedding photographer you got beef here?

Mike, welcome to the world of being a meme.

It’s beautiful.

P.S. Mike would also like you to know that he isn’t always a tiny headed man.

Thank you for sharing Mike.

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