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INT’L CAT DAY: Here’s 15 Meowsters Every ‘Cat Person’ Should Insta-Follow

It’s a miraculous day – in case it’s not highlighted with multiple reminders in your dairy, it’s ‘International Cat Day’!

ICYMI: cats are cute as, and cats on Instagram are my personal kryptonite. As we increasingly live our lives vicariously through social media, I personally have a collection of fave cats (besides my own) that I check in on daily. Some Instagram meowsters draw an insane following, even translating to public appearances and merch. But we can’t all be Lil BUB or the Grumpy Cat.

There are MANY more cats out there to discover. I mean, if you’re not following Princess Monster Truck, can you even call yourself a ‘cat person’?!

Take your pick below, click the image and subscribe yourself up. You’re missing out!

Here’s every furry insta-cat account you need to follow asap:

Little P the Cat

Hello guy! Do you like my new headband?

A post shared by Little P (@littlepthecat) on

One Sassy Bengal

Hank the Kitten

Merry Christmas!

A post shared by hankthekitten (@hankthekitten) on


5yrs old today!!????#snoopybabe

A post shared by SNOOPY·babe (@snoopybabe) on

Hamilton the Hipster Cat

Ham is so magical that sometimes he looks like a painting… #mustachecat

A post shared by – Hamilton The Hipster Cat – (@hamilton_the_hipster_cat) on


Gizmo the Himmie

I guess mom couldn't help herself ???? #gentleman #hat

A post shared by Gizmo The Himmie (@gizmothehimmie) on


Pudge the Cat

Just chillin #netflixandpudge #pudgethecat

A post shared by Pudge (@pudgethecat) on

Princess Monster Truck

Sam Has Eyebrows

When you realize that you ate the last slices of bread….yesterday. #tbt

A post shared by Sam (@samhaseyebrows) on


I'm still Coby from the block.

A post shared by Coby The Cat (@cobythecat) on


#Wayback to when Kyle confessed Esteban wasn't his evil twin but his #secretidentity. #WaybackWednesday

A post shared by ???? Kyle ???? (@mycatkyle) on

Worried Cat aka Bum

Buffy the Catnip Slayer (shameless plug for my own cat #sorrynotsorry)

Who she hiding from? Probs the first. #btvs #catsofinstagram #catstagram #cat #britishshorthair #meow

A post shared by Buffy the Catnip Slayer (@buffy_reow) on

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