Invisible Step Levitating Optical Illusion

The Internet Is Losing It Over The ‘Invisible Step’ Trick And You Probs Can’t Do It Either

The levitating ‘invisible step’ trick has been a slow-burning meme that’s slowly filtered its way into the mainstream light after a post by a university student back in August. It seems now everyone wants to give the optically challenging stunt a crack and its skyrocketing to peak internet hype.

It’s one of those tricks that will either look easy or impossible to you on first impression. But it has been tried and tested and it is officially neither.

Sharing the ‘invisible step’ trick has launched a challenge that people all over the world are getting around because everybody just wants to be on this guy’s level:

Now over the weekend, a video of a cheerleader nailing the ‘invisible step’ trick went viral and it has people confused and excited all over again.

Both these people who are seen nailing the trick are clearly athletes and it feels like that perhaps has a lot to do with it? Maybe it takes above average core strength to make the magic happen?

The internet is losing it though and everyone’s either feeling bamboozled by this ‘witchcraft’, or cocky and keen to give it a go. Of everyone accepting the ‘challenge’, there are very few people really getting it.

The original post and the cheerleader’s recent “challenge accepted” post have both racked up a lot of attention on Twitter and people can’t get enough of the invisible step.

A lot of people are just plain confused.

A whole lot of people are giving it a go, and failing.

Some are nearly there.

Let’s note that this is yet another athlete getting it done so I reckon the trick requires a certain level of physical fitness – sorry team.

And some people are getting crafty about it.

This is the best take tbh.

OK brb gotta practice my invisible step game. It’s on.

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