Nickelodeon is launching a new channel dedicated to the ’90s cartoons of your childhood

The internet is buzzing with speculation about The Splat, a new channel from Nickelodeon dedicated to airing your favourite ’90s shows. Though there’ve been no official announcements from Nickelodeon, the internet have put together the pieces of the puzzle for us. 

You can go about dropping a bombshell one of two ways in today’s media landscape. There’s the Beyonce way – midnight album release out of the blue (Ivy). No prep, no warning, inconsiderate of those who have work the next day who then need to stay up and memorise each lyric word for word. Then there’s The Splat way – feeding us daily drips of childhood Nicktoons nostalgia over the course of a year, a sudden appearance at 90s Fest Brooklyn (a music festival celebrating all things at the end of the century), launching a Facebook page, bare-bones website, and Youtube video, pretty much affirming rumours that, yes, the dream is real: ’90s Nickelodeon is back.  

Yes, the channel that instilled in you integral, character-building childhood lessons such as bravery and mateship from Tommy Pickles, the art of compromise from Catdog, and the importance of family from the Thornberry clan, are bringing these teachings to the young’ns of Y2K.  

Salt N Pepa are with it, will you be? #TheSplatIsComing

Posted by The Splat on Saturday, September 12, 2015

The Splat, labelled on their Facebook page as a ‘TV Network’, have been responding to comments and re-tweeting tweets confirming the exciting news that this #TBT will probably be sticking around. Stay tuned for what’s coming up next!

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