is this a pigeon meme

‘Is This A Pigeon?’: Here’s The Story Behind Everyone’s Fave New Meme

If you spend as much time on the internet as I do, you’ve probably noticed a ‘new’ meme floating around and being excessively used to describe everything from TV shows, to internet friendships and even mansplaining.

The ‘Is this a pigeon?’ meme has recently taken off – the image itself is from a Japanese anime show created in 1991. In the original context an android character mistakes a butterfly for a pigeon.

Please see below:

is this a pigeon meme
The image itself has gone incredibly viral recently with people making their own hilarious interpretations.

Long story short, here are some of the best reactions:

1. It’s always a big mood. Always.

2. Because we all knew Ben McKenzie in The O.C. was absolutely not a teenager.

3. Yah, just ignore my primer, foundation and mascara.

4. I’ve been absolutely read for filth.

5. You are all my friends, don’t tell me otherwise.

6. Google has diagnosed all my symptoms and my common cold will kill me.

7. This is truly niche, but honestly, it was just funny to me.

Well, there ya go. Go forth and create your own before it dies off and/or before people say wanky things like “ugh this meme is OLD news now!”


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