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Here’s All The Tea On The Messy Feud Between Beauty YouTubers James Charles And Tati Westbrook

If you’re a cool kid who hangs out on the internet, you would have heard about the James Charles and Tati Westbrook feud. The two YouTube stars have cut ties and their friendship has gone up dramatic flames. There isn’t enough tea in the world to spill on this.

YouTube drama is, famously, wild at the best of times, but when two of the biggest beauty influencers go after each other, ya best strap yourselves in.

Here’s everything you need to know about the celebrity feud:

One-time BFFs James Charles and Tati Westbrook used to be beauty blogging goals. Charles, 19, credits Westbrook — one of the OG beauty gurus — as the reason he got into makeup and Westbrook essentially mentored him in his early days on YouTube. Charles even did Westbrook’s makeup for her wedding. Cute.

The beef began at Coachella a couple of weeks ago. Charles posted a series of Instagram stories promoting Sugar Bear Hair gummies — a line of vitamins that are in competition with Westbrook’s own hair supplements.

Obviously, your BFF promoting a rival line of gummy bears is the ultimate betrayal, and Westbrook took to her own socials to throw some light shade. Charles offered a public apology to Westbrook, saying: “She has been like a mother to me since my first days in this industry and has given me more love, support, resources and advice than I could ever ask for.”

The beef looked squashed, put out to pasture and forgotten about. But I don’t think anyone will be surprised when I say: SURPRISE! Last weekend, Westbrook posted a 43-minute video titled “BYE SISTER” and 👏 my 👏 god 👏 get 👏 the 👏 popcorn.

It’s so spicy it’s like a full-length episode of Riverdale. Tati Westbrook says she feels disrespected by Charles’ actions — not just about the gummies, but after years of one-sided friendship and mentoring.

She also says that she’s tired of trying to justify his behaviour, including some recent comments he’s made about wanting to have sex with straight men, not caring about their orientation.

If you don’t have time to watch the whole thing because Game of Thrones just dropped, Westbrook is cutting ties with shitty-behaviour-Charles because he’s disrespected and abused their friendship to land brand deals and grow his 16-million audience on YouTube — well, it was 16-million.

After “BYE SISTER” dropped, Charles’ channel has been losing subscribers quicker than I run to get my morning coffee. This morning, it’s down to a measly 14 million subs — so like, what’s even the point anymore?

You can watch a live count of James Charles losing subscribers here, if you need some vindictive action for your Monday morning.

You can also see that Westbrook’s subscriber count is growing — before “BYE SISTER” she was just under 6 million, compared to almost 9 million this morning. The life and times of a YouTube celebrity…

Fellow beauty stars and celebrities have been taking sides. Lines have been drawn. This is more dramatic than the battle of Winterfell.

Charles posted his own video in response, but currently that’s got 400k likes and 2.1 million dislikes so, ya know, fucking yikes.