The Disaster Artist Video Game

James Franco Narrating Video Games As ‘The Room’s Tommy Wiseau Is Absolute Gold

The way The Room’s Tommy Wiseau speaks is iconic and James Franco has 100% nailed it for The Disaster Artist. Now we get to enjoy a bit of Tommy in our fave video games.

James Franco has used his powers for good and given us a peak at what it would be like if Tommy Wiseau was a video game voice-over. He delivered a few iconic lines from the most popular games and it turns out everything is funnier when Tommy says it.

There’s a lot of great content between ‘Resident Evil’, ‘Fallout’ and ‘Mortal Kombat’, his ‘Super Mario 64’ impression takes the cake.

“Is me mario! Oh hi mario?”

Please enjoy Tommy Wiseau narrating video games, a gift from James Franco.

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