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Heartbroken Bachy Jarrod Confirms He Will Be In ‘Bachelor In Paradise’

Bachelor In Paradise’s worst-kept secret has finally come out, Jarrod Woodgate is having another shot at getting his heart broken again finding love on the new spin-off series.

Jarrod appeared on Studio 10 in a god-awful Christmas suit to confirm that, yup, he’s in the series. He told the panel:

“Now that I can say I’ve finally done a circle around the island and I’m open to the idea of falling in love again,” 

“I am pleased to announce that I am actually on Bachelor In Paradise.” 

He went on:

“So hopefully I’m going to have this chance to actually, now that I’m a lot more calmer and collected and I’ve reflected a lot about myself, I can now move on and find that right girl and hopefully my soulmate.”

While he’s keeping a tight lid on when we can expect to see the series in 2018, the guy has already been spotted pashing on with none other than villain kween Keira Maguire. There’s pics, folks. It’s real.

Hopefully, the guy has better luck on BIP and we wish him all the best!

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