jealous girlfriend meme

The Girl From The Jealous Girlfriend Meme Was Probz Not Jealous, She Is Just Permanently Shook

If, like myself, you felt deeply concerned about the mentality of the girlfriend in last year’s ‘jealous girlfriend’ meme, it turns out the woman in the stock photos has a long history of being shook by basically everything around her.

Twitter user @ShortFormErnie posted a thread exposing the ‘jealous girlfriend’ as basically the poster girl for being shocked. There are dozens of stock photos of her wide-eyed and staring in disbelief. It’s just her vibe.

Here’s the jealous girlfriend we know and love.

While we all thought she was shocked by her boyfriend looking at another woman, maybe that’s just her natural disposition. Based on these photos it appears the woman is just perpetually shook.

Here she is being shocked by her smartphone.

Basically anything with a screen sends this woman into a catatonic state.

Another shiny surface?!?

What is this sorcery!

The shock never stops.

It’s contagious.

It’s an epidemic of shookness.