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The Funniest Memes About That Chaotic Jeffree Star & Kanye West Rumour

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If you’ve been failing to keep up with the Kardashians as of late, you may have missed that Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have split, and many crazy rumours have been circling as to what went wrong with the famous couple.

The craziest rumour by far is that Kanye cheated on Kim with YouTuber Jeffree Star. The rumour went viral on TikTok and took on a whole life of its own, before E! News came out saying a source close to Kim and Kanye said there was no truth to the rumour whatsoever.

Jeffree has now also stated the story was completely made up, in a YouTube video titled “Addressing the Kanye situation.” In it, Jeffree says he and Kanye have never hung out. “Let me just say this one time for any news outlet,” Jeffree said. “I like very tall men.”

Watch Jeffree Star addressing the Kanye rumours below:

Of course, even though the rumours are indeed false, the memes were out of control.

Well, we’ll just let Jeffree have the last word on this.