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Jericho Pulled A Masterful Move On Tonight’s Ep Of Survivor & Twitter’s Celebrating

Tonight’s ep of Australian Survivor was bloody stressful, as the top four fought it out for who would miss out on making the big finale tomorrow. And HALLELUJAH, series fave Jericho will be in it.

It was a close call. After Peter won the immunity idol (Peter won something?!) it was Michelle, Tara and Jericho left to strategise over who would be voted off. Jericho’s name was immediately put forward by Peter, as he and Michelle worked out that Jericho is potentially the most popular on the jury.

Jericho sensed his name was being mentioned and in a major fail he attempted to recruit Michelle, which blew up in his face. But just when we thought Jericho’s fate was sealed, he managed to get Tara onside.

Then in a ‘HOLY SHIT AMAZING’ tribal council, Michelle got cocky assuming the nail was already in Jericho’s coffin. But nope, the vote was a deadlock between Michelle and Jericho, and after a revote, the two duelled it out in a tie-breaking fire challenge.

In the end, Jericho was victorious and Michelle was sent packing. Twitter was impressed with how the little guy twisted his fate. He literally brought the fire. (soz not soz)

Here’s how Twitter celebrated Jericho’s victory: