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Jess & Dom From ‘Love Island’ Got Married In Their Cozzies On TV & It Was A Trashfire

Here’s some news that’ll make you say: ‘How? Huh? Why?’

If, like me, you spent a decent chunk of 2017 bingeing UK series Love Island, you’ll be familiar with one of its biggest success stories — Jess Shears and Dom Lever.

Jess was the gal who entered the competition late and all the girls quickly despised her and strategically plotted her demise. Dom was the dude with big shoulders. Well, they’ve gone and gotten married… on national television… wearing nothing but… their cozzies.

This is real life. People actually made these choices.

It all went down yesterday morn on Good Morning Britain to ring in Valentine’s Day.

Check it out for yourself:

Jess’ vowels even included the lines, “I will not pie you off, even if Muggy Mike comes along,” a classic Love Island reference to a fella name Mike, who was indeed, quite fond of muggery.

It was a gigantic trashfire and I couldn’t look away. Luckily the nuptials weren’t legit. The couple, who have been engaged since September last year, will be having their actual wedding in October.

The people have spoken, and this “wedding” was all kinds of cooked:

Same Amber, same.

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