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People Are Trolling J.K. Rowling With Made Up Harry Potter Storylines

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There’s no denying that the magical world of Harry Potter was a huge part of many people’s childhoods.

With J.K. Rowling expanding on the Harry Potter universe in the last few years, her tweets where she reveals new traits/information about our beloved characters has turned into a bit of a long-standing joke among fans.

Rowling has copped some slack for embellishing on storylines and adding new information, ranging from Hagrid not being able to perform a Patronus to Dumbledore being gay.

Twitter users have now taken to tweeting out their own jokes about the Harry Potter universe, and let’s just say some have really escalated.

Here are some of the funniest/most outrageous tweets:

There’s one thing for sure: Harry Potter will forever be the boy who lived who through memes.

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