Jonas Brothers

Every Time The Jonas Brothers Were Simply Iconic

Before Kim, Khloe and Kourtney, there was Nick, Joe and Kevin. And before Nick, Joe and Kevin, there was pretty much a world that wasn’t worth living in.

It’s been two weeks since the Jonas Brothers announced their reunion, and after a 6-year hiatus, our inner fangirl is quaking.


To celebrate their new song ‘Sucker’ hitting number one on the charts (and number one in our hearts) we’ve put together a list of the Jonas Brothers most iconic moments.

So if your MSN was emmajonas97, or your ‘other half’ on Bebo was some random Joe Jonas account that you were sure was real (relatable), then get ready to climax.

The Year 3000

You just sang the lyrics in your head…didn’t you?

2007 was the year that we fell in love with the Jonas Brothers, partly because their single ‘Year 3000’ was so fkn boss. Looking back on this music video, they literally look like babies! And Nick with that hair!!! OOFT. Can we definitely confirm we were attracted to that?

When They Turned Tables

Only TRUE OG Jonas Brothers Fans will understand their reunion video post.

Back in ‘08, the Jonas Brothers made a cheeky little video picking up a table and turning it around, with Joe giving us pun porn and saying “Oh how the tables have turned!”

Well, a decade later, they recreated this legendary video, adding in some confetti and a sign that said ‘HELLO AGAIN’.


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Camp Rock

Set the scene. It was 2008 and you were a pre-pubescent teen. Disney Channel had just released their DCOM Camp Rock starring non-other than the Jonas Brothers (and Demi Lovato) and you were absolutely beside yourself. You knew all the words to ‘This is Me’, and would practice the dance moves to ‘We Rock’ at recess. Sound familiar?

To this day, Camp Rock is still the 3rd most watched DCOM of all time, and the album has literally been certified Gold, Platinum, and all those fun things.

When Joe Did ‘Single Ladies’

This gave us liifffeee! In the build up to ‘Lines, Vines, and Trying Times’, the Jonas Brothers dropped a YouTube video of Joe doing the iconic ‘Single Ladies’ dance, dressed head to toe in a black skin-tight one-piece.

Can we get this recreated please?

Hannah Montana

Kids born after the ’00s be asking ‘Who is Hannah and is she from Montana?’


This moment pretty much launched the career of the Jonas Brothers. The rock star band made their Disney debut on Hannah Montana, staring alongside our girl Miley Cyrus. This episode is ICONIC and forever will go down as one of the greatest collabs of all time. Furthermore, when things got a little steamy between Miley and Nick, she ensured that the band toured with her during The Best Of Both Worlds Tour, securing their ascent into stardom.


Ok, if you and your friends didn’t pick up a camera and record your own rendition of ‘Bounce’, did you even have a childhood?

If you ask us, ‘Bounce’ was snubbed for a Grammy. This legendary song featuring Demi Lovato, which sported some lit moves like the “chicken wing’ and the ‘ham and cheese’, is pretty much something we want played at our funeral.

When Queen Elizabeth Asked For An Autograph

Oh Lizzy! You cute lil thaang!

If you aren’t a true OG Jonas Brothers fan, don’t let the title mislead you. It wasn’t the ACTUAL Queen Elizabeth that asked Kevin Jonas to sign the back of her baby-pink pantsuit. Believable though, right?

The trio had an actress pretending to be the Queen, and she did all sorts of fun things with them like buying their album in-store and battling them in soccer.

Their Disney Channel Promo

I mean, it speaks for itself. Do you have a Disney Channel Promo vid?

Didn’t think so.

Disney Channel Games

Holy Cow. The Disney Channel Games were literally The Olympics meets World Cup meets Spice Girls reunion. Who can forget when the Jonas Brothers competed in 2008, and they were separated into different teams and forced to battle it out!

ARGH take me back! We don’t know about you, but we were definitely going for Team Inferno with Nick Jonas! Spoiler: He won.

Looking back, that may have been the point it all went south for them.

The Reunion and ‘Sucker’

Fast-forward to 6-years after the band broke up and ruined our lives.

Nick and Kevin are both happily married, and Joe is set to wed GoT star Sophie Turner. The trio announced their reunion on Instagram and dropped their new single ‘Sucker’ shortly after. If you haven’t seen the video… you need to. Right now.

‘Sucker’ has just become the group’s first ever-number No.1 single on the Billboard Hot 100 (about time right?), and we are hella excited because this means more music, more JoBros, and maybe even…a tour? OMG stop we can’t take this!