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We Just Discovered Josh From Love Island’s Instagram Is A Horny Thirst Trap

It’s getting hot in here and Josh from Love Island Australia is taking off all his clothes.

Now that Love Island has well and truly wrapped up, all that’s left for us to do is follow our faves’ every move via Instagram. But a quick scroll of our ultimate series MVP Josh’s ‘gram unleashes a goldmine of hot as hell erotic imagery, and I need a minute.

There’s a treasure trove of old modelling shots that are quite the mood. Josh’s vibe is dreamy with thirsty undertones and I am not complaining.

Here are Josh from Love Island’s most thirst-inducing snaps:

Sunny day. Sunny boi. Sunny lyfe.

Soaking up the last day of Summer ☀️😵🤘

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Josh could walk a mile in these big man shoes.

Kicking it on a tin roof W/ @brianjamie

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Here’s Josh just thinking man thoughts.

‘Like…do trees even dream?’

Ain't nothing like the South 🇺🇸🍗

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‘What scent would my imagination smell like?’

Stoked his photography skills are better than his Mario Kart 🎮👾🚦😂 @brianjamie

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‘Does my hair feel pain when I get a haircut?’

‘Are our shoulders the eyebrows of the face?’

Will you scratch mine if I scratch yours?

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‘If the sky is blue, why is it black at night?’

Punch Buggy red 🚘👊

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‘Do I wear the hat or does the hat wear me…?’

🐚🌴 Relaxing with a bit of hammock hang time 🌙

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‘I wear the jacket therefore I am the jacket.’

Me wearing a jacket correctly.

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Here Josh lies back giving his best black leather couch mood. Perfection.

📺- breaking the couch in duties -📺 #couchpotato

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‘What a joke. HAHAHA. I am laughing. Watch me laugh.’

‘Here I stand atop a cliff in Greece. I am a natural. I blend in with the locals.’

🔅- Chasing that endless summer -🔅 🌴🌊☀️🏃🏻💨

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‘Here I stand atop another cliff. Much more serious because cliff-standing is serious. Safety is important.’

Where the mountains are blue and the air is fresh 🔵🏔💨 #allthewayup

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‘Sitting on an old chair, I become a part of history too.’

Can never find a good place for my arms

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Thank you Josh for these gifts. Thank you.

Little sweat sesh this morning 🤘

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