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Juliette From Bachy Spills On Who’s In Her DMs & Being ‘Too Wild’ For Locky

Juliette Herrera breathed some much needed life back into this series of The Bachelor, and we simply have to stan.

Unapologetically herself throughout the series, Juliette was sent home last night after confronting Locky about what it is he’s looking for, dropping the fact that she has DMs from “rappers and Tiktok stars” she could be replying to instead of being in the mansion.

From her feud with Roxi, to her on-screen commentary, and her reactions that made for the perfect GIF moments, there was never a dull moment when she was on our screens.

We spoke to dancing queen Juliette about her beef with Roxi, what went wrong with Locky, and what’s next now that The Bachelor is done and dusted.

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On watching the show back:

“I couldn’t stop laughing. I was like, oh Jules, you really were yourself. I didn’t realise I pulled so many faces. I couldn’t do it [be fake]. That’s why I couldn’t talk to some of the girls. I’m like, I’m going to be myself, it’s too much brain work for me otherwise and I’m really lazy. I didn’t want to have to use my brain to show myself in the best possible light. I don’t have a politician’s answer for anything! It’s reality TV, I thought this was reality!”

On saying goodbye to Locky and what we didn’t see:

“Poor Locky. I had a revelation that episode, I was like ‘hold on I’ve got rappers in my DMs, I’ve got the TikTok stars’ and I’m like, looking at Locky and I’m like ‘can I really live in a tent? CAN I LIVE IN A TENT?!’ So I told him ‘no, I think I need a guy who’s going to give me a mansion, not a tent, and you haven’t given me a single date, so maybe I should go back to my DMs?’  He was just laughing. He just said ‘you’re too wild for me’ and I said ‘you’re wild, I thought that’s what you wanted?’ and he said ‘nah, you’re just too crazy’ and I said, ‘I’m only crazy because everyone’s really boring around me’. The more boring people around me, the more loopy I get because I have to be my own friend. Like, I’ve got to keep awake!”

On being “too crazy” for Locky:

“It really blew my mind, I even told him ‘I didn’t know you wanted someone who baked cookies and knitted blankets,’ like OK! He was so kind though to not make me go through those terrible rose ceremonies, they’re awful, I never want to do that again, they’re traumatic. I’ve got PTSD from them. They go for so long, it’s torture.”

On her feud with Roxi:

“I don’t have beef with Roxi, that was her own beef with herself. I didn’t even know she was on the radar, until she thought I had some kind of conspiracy against her that night when I came in, in my beautiful green dress and grabbed him. I would’ve loved for her to come up to me personally instead of rounding up the whole house against me thinking that I was going to throw her under the bus. How would I do that if I don’t know you?!”

On Irena and Bella’s falling out:

“Irena and Bella are both beautiful girls. One minute I was Team Bella, the next I was Team Irena. Then I was just confused. I didn’t even know what the beef was about, because I got bored with it. I just got into my own head about my own DMs and my fabulous life I could have, instead of painting hippie signs on Locky’s back. I’m neutral, I like both of them. I got asked a few times what happened and I was like, ‘I’m bored, I don’t know’.”

On her DMs:

“Oh it’s been amazing, they’ve gone crazy. Some nice rich men, maybe I can be a lady of leisure now.”

On texting Locky in lockdown:

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“Texting is an ordeal. It takes time. I could be watching the Real Housewives of New York, but instead I had to text a guy and try and woo him? Like no way. Guys text like ‘wyd?’ I’m doing nothing! Like are you gonna pay my bills or not, what are we doing? Are we hanging?

Initially we texted every day, but during lockdown I think I got over it and I felt like I was always fighting for him. He isn’t my usual type of guy, but when I first met him he had amazing charisma and he’s actually really friendly.  He treated everyone equally and was very responsive to what people would say and I think that’s a beautiful quality to have. Although we didn’t get along on an intellectual level, I like to talk about political issues, social issues, conspiracy theories, religion and faith, we didn’t have those kinds of conversations that I need, but his disposition as a person is very nice.”

On what shocked her watching the show back:

“I was shocked Roxi had such an obsession with me. I blocked her immediately.”

On whether she’d do anything differently if she had her time again:

“I have no regrets, the show was the most empowering thing that’s ever happened in my life. For the first time, I could accept myself as a Latina. I grew up watching TV and reading magazines that I never saw myself in, and I thought I was ugly and unworthy and finally, at 34-years-old, The Bachelor giving me the chance to find love on TV and letting me be who I am without controlling me but giving me freedom, it was really a breakthrough for me and women of colour. I think I dominated a few episodes, and to see myself on TV as a brown girl, with black hair and black eyes, as well as Areeba’s early dominance on the show is groundbreaking for Australian TV. I think it’s been a really good season for us to be seen and heard as we are.”

“I enjoyed the experience because it forced me to speak up for myself. In real life, I don’t confront anyone or call anyone out, I just leave people alone. This show gave me the confidence to speak up for myself, instead of just taking crap from people. It forced me to go ‘who am I? what do I stand for?’ The tension was a blessing for me because it made me step up and go ‘OK this who I am and I don’t agree with this.”

On what’s next for her:

“I’m doing an IGTV series that’s coming out soon, I’m releasing a trailer today, it’ll be talking about racial issues, mental health issues, eating disorders, addiction, grief and trauma. I’m doing a series with guests and asking all my followers to ask questions. I want to provide a safe forum, where people who don’t fit homogeneously for whatever reason can be celebrated and not feel so alone.”

On Bachelor in Paradise and who’d be on her list:

“I’m interested in Jackson and Paddy. I think their personalities are on my level. I think that’s it so far, I wanna know the rejects from this season so I can potentially hook up with them! I hope there are some good ones.”