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I Just Rewatched ‘The Lizzie McGuire Movie’ & Have Many Questions

It’s hard to believe it’s been 15 years since The Lizzie McGuire Movie was first introduced into our lives. I guess time flies fast when you’re pumping ‘This is What Dreams Are Made Of’ on repeat.

While the film’s music and iconic lines like ‘sing to me, Paolo!‘ are burned firmly inside my brain, I haven’t actually sat down and watched the entire iconic movie since it first came out waaaay back in 2003.

Hoeeeee boy, it was a real journey. I got angry, confused and I have questions. MANY QUESTIONS.

Here are 15 questions I had after rewatching The Lizzie McGuire Movie:

1. Did Lizzie invent Bitmojis?

 2. Why would students go to Rome AFTER they graduated – and who would choose a water park over an international trip to fucking ITALY?

3. Why would an incoming principal come on school camp?

4. Is it custom for fans of pop stars in Italy to give celebs a giant wheel of cheese?

lizzie mcguire movie

5. Why has a random Italian dude been entrusted to decide whether students are sick or not?

6. Why did the principal give Lizzie an assignment to write on The Rise & the Fall of the Roman Empire when THEY HAVE ALREADY GRADUATED AND ARE ON HOLIDAYS!?!

7. Fashion show time! Is this woman okay?? Srsly.

8. How does it even make sense that Gordo could be sneaking off when he’s been with the school group literally the entire time?

9. Do Italians actually drive cars like this?

10. So Lizzie’s fam are flying to Rome ‘cos they miss her? I mean, who has that kind of money?? McGuires have got bank.

11. Awards time! Is this suit/skirt number really the best outfit she could have picked? I beg to differ…

12. Has this song always banged soo hard?

13. Why did Isabella leave Lizzy alone to sing her song to an audience that doesn’t know who she is? How’d they know she even could/wanted to sing?

14. Why is Gordo permitted to just casually operate a soundboard?


lizzie mcguire movie

What a wild ride.