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Timomatic Vs. Justice Crew: Which Aussie Act Delivered The Most Iconic Hits Of The Decade?

Over the past ten years, two Aussie acts would go on to define an entire decade. I am of course talking about Timomatic and Justice Crew. But which act delivered the most iconic hits? It’s time to find out.

Weirdly enough, Timomatic (aka Tim Omaji) and Justice Crew have a lot in common. They both started as dancers, with Tim competing on So You Think You Can Dance Australia, along with Justice Crew’s founding member Emmanuel Rodriguez aka E-Man. They then both appeared on Australia’s Got Talent, which launched their music careers.

They even both supported Pitbull on tour…and you can’t get much more 2010s than that. While Timomatic and Justice Crew had massive hits in the first half of the decade, they have since struggled to recapture the magic with their recent releases failing to err…set it off.

In more recent news, Tim went on to judge Channel Seven’s Dance Boss in 2018 which turned out to be a massive ratings flop and not renewed for a second season, while earlier this year Justice Crew competed in America’s Got Talent: The Champions, but were eliminated in the first episode.

With so much in common, we thought it was time to decide who made to most iconic hits of the decade: Justice Crew or Timomatic?

Their First Banger:

When it comes to their first true banger to hit the Australian radio waves, you don’t get much better than ‘Boom Boom’. This song still slaps and was a total dancefloor anthem when it skyrocketed to popularity in 2012.

Best lyrics:

“Calling all sexy girls all around the world. Looking airplane fly up on cloud nine.”

Speaking of songs that will summon anyone to the D-floor, we weren’t even ready for Timomatic to drop ‘Set It Off’. What a track. With this song and those killer moves, he became Australia’s answer to Usher. We just simply had to stan.

Best lyrics:

“I, I see ya staring. What you wearing. Gucci, Channel, it don’t matter you’re amazing.”

I love you, Tim, but Justice Crew has won this round. ‘Boom Boom’ is a verified party starter.

Second Banger:

‘Everybody’ could have been just like any old feel-good song, but the saxophone backing up the beat really brings in the party. You just can’t stop your feet from stomping to the rhythm, it’s impossible and I’m consulting a medical professional.

Best lyrics:

“Singing wooah until the AM AM. Wooah getting wasted, wasted.” (I felt that.)

I never expected Timomatic could match the magic of ‘Set It Off’, but then he came out swinging with ‘If Looks Could Kill’ and had us all booty-shaking our butts on the D-Floor. This is the ultimate anthem for getting all your mates together and pretending that y’all are insta-famous.

Best lyrics:

“She work it like murder on the dance floor. I’m watchin’ this thing I’ve never seen before. Hold up baby, watcha doin’ to me? How could you shoot me and just walk away?”

Timomatic has got to win this round. Sorry not sorry.

Biggest Anthem

If Justice Crew will be remembered for anything, it’ll be ‘Que Sera’. This song was HUGE in 2014 and was a staple on most radio stations but this did make it overplayed AF.

Best lyrics:

“Yesterday is history oh, you gotta get through it. Tomorrow is a mystery, so let’s just do it.”

I totally forgot the song ‘Parachute’ even existed but I cannot stop playing it. This track was massive in 2013 and still slaps so hard…even if I did think for years that Timomatic was saying: “I don’t need a pair of shoes.” OK, TIM! You do you, baby.

Best lyrics:

“I could fall from the moon, but if I’ve got you, baby, I don’t need parachute.”

‘Parachute’ is a much better song than ‘Que Sera’. Don’t @ me. Timomatic wins the final round.

The Winner?

We have nothing but respect for the unsung king of Australia: Timomatic. Along with making nonstop bangers, he really is one of the nation’s greatest dance talents.

Also like many giants of the hip-hop game, he says his own name at the start of his songs and I’ve got to respect that as a genius marketing strategy. Sorry, Justice Crew. Que sera, my dudes.

Justice who?