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Europeans Are Tweeting #JusticeForAustralia In Response To Eurovision Results

Sometimes winning a TV song contest isn’t everything – I mean, case in point:

After absolutely dominating the jury vote – made up of music industry folk from around Europe – Australia had a ginormous lead on the Eurovision final this morning. As the viewers ‘popular’ vote was added to the tally, things became extremely tense as we learned for the first time what impact the public SMS and phone vote would have on the final score.

As it came down to the top three countries, Australia was still miles ahead – but we quickly found out the title was within anyone’s reach. In the end, our hearts were put to rest as Australia’s name was read and dealt points before second place Ukraine, meaning they would  JUST score enough points to secure a win. For a brief second, we tasted the victory – and it was sweet.

So how did Europe feel about Australia’s success? You’d expect them to raise an eyebrow and lower their cigarettes in disgust to complain about our lead, given we couldn’t be further away from the Eurozone all together.

Well, nope – some of them reckon we were fairdinkum robbed. The hashtag #JusticeForAustralia started to gain some momentum after the comp as other Europeans and Australians alike shared their frustration. Thanks for the love, Europe – we’ll see you next year xoxo.





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