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Justin Bieber Messy Dancing In Socks/Sandals At Coachella Is All Of Us

I know we’re all still slowly coming down from Coachella Beychella, but Justin Bieber may have had the most lit weekend out of all of us.

The pop star was filmed all over the fest getting his messy groove on and is every single one of us.

The singer is living his best life, he was seen rocking a matching floral printed shirt/shorts combo, which he complimented with a bucket hat up top, paired with sock and sandals.

It was quite the ~ lewk ~ and we applaud his bold fashion choices. He was filmed by onlookers getting his dance on and you really need to see this.

What can we say…

The boy likes to move.

I’m not sure what he’s doing here but YOU DO YOU, JB.

Is he walking? Is he dancing? Who knows? WHO CARES.

Such beauty. Much grace.

This is my personal fave. I call it: lean bob booty twerk.

Bieber is absolutely killing Coachella, from meeting the Walmart Yodel Boy to allegedly punching a man at the festival after he grabbed a woman’s throat in the crowd.

That boy is on fire.

Header via Twitter/YouTube.

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