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WATCH: Keanu Reeves Finally Addresses Rumours That He Is An Immortal Vampire

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It’s the burning question we’ve all been wondering: is Keanu Reeves an immortal vampire incapable of ageing?

It does check out. His face has literally not changed over his entire career; his good looks appear to be frozen in time. Supernatural forces are the only explanation. Keen followers of the conspiracy theory have even spotted Keanu lookalikes cropping up in portraits dating back to the 15th century.

If you need more convincing, there is a ‘Keanu Is Immortal’ website dedicated to justifying the theory. Now finally Keanu has been quizzed over his immortality on The Tonight Show, as Jimmy Fallon pressed the actor about the conspiracy.

Keanu is claiming he only heard about ‘immortality theory’ recently, and replied to Jimmy’s prodding:

“We’re all star dust baby,” Keanu replied.

Note: he does not deny it.

Check out the full clip, where the convo picks up after the 2.45 point: