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People Are Truly Horrified By Netflix Doco ‘Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey’

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If you like your Netflix docos to not only inform you, but infuriate you, then Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey is your next binge.

The four-part true crime documentary is equally disturbing as Netflix’s Abducted In Plain Sight, but instead of chronicling one girl’s abuse by a family friend, the series follows an entire church’s abuse of countless girls and women in its congregation.

The Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints was a polygamist sect that became embroiled in controversy after its “prophet”, aka cult’s leader Warren Jeffs, was arrested and eventually charged with child sexual assault and rape as an accomplice. Under the control of Warren, the fundamentalist Mormons would encourage men to have multiple wives and would regularly enforce underage girls to marry older men.

Warren and the church were able to get away with these crimes for so long, as the congregation were mostly living in the secluded region of Utah’s Short Creek and on a ranch in Eldorado, Texas. While existing under Warren’s rule, the women were even made to wear modest, pastel gowns in a creepy The Handmaid’s Tale twist.

And this wasn’t just some fringe religious group – during its peak FLDS had an estimated 10,000 members.

The ranch was raided in 2008 after police discovered pregnant teenagers and teenage mothers living in its confines. Authorities would eventually break into a safe in the church’s temple and discover disturbing audio recordings and records showing that Warren had conducted 67 underage weddings and he himself, had married 24 underage girls.

The docuseries is filled with interviews with former members of the church, including women who described harrowing experiences ranging from being forced into marriage at 14 years old to having their children taken away and rehomed with another family.

It’s very distressing viewing and people have taken to Twitter to express their sheer horror after watching what these girls and women had to endure.

Twitter reacts to Netflix’s disturbing documentary Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey.











Keep Sweet: Pray And Obey can be streamed on Netflix.