15 Times Kelsey’s Fashion Choices On ‘Younger’ Made Me Ask ‘U Ok Hon?’

Younger is the greatest TV show around. Ok, now that that’s settled, let’s talk about fashion. While the most of the series’ fashion is always on point, there’s one character who consistently misses the mark and wears some truly fugly outfits.

I can’t keep it in anymore.

Kelsey, u ok hon?

Sure, Liza wears some kooky clothing but she always pulls it off, while my fave character in the world Diana is always perfection even when her necklace is the size of a large tropical bird.

I don’t know who Hilary Duff’s stylist is on Younger but DAMN, she’s wears some weird fashion. I personally will never forgive her for wearing a vest over a denim jacket and neither should you.

Here’s 15 times Kelsey’s fashion on Younger made me ask ‘u ok hon?’

When she dressed like a toddler cowboy.

When she wore a buttoned up denim jacket under a vest for no discernible reason.

When she gave us serious Lizzie McGuire flashbacks.

Then she just tried too hard.

Other times she dressed like a soccer mum.

Like seriously.


And then this jacket happened…

This striped outfit is giving me Rio Olympics vibes.

Is this top made of metal? Serving Joan of Arc realness. Not cute.

The headband? The bow? What is even going on here..?

Giving this a big ol’ NOPE.


Okay, at least she acknowledged this wasn’t a good look.

I rest my case. (Okay, tbh Liza is a mess here too)