kendall push security met gala

SO EXTRA: Kendall Jenner Spotted Pushing Security Out Of Her Met Gala Shot

While we’re still recovering from our 2018 Met Gala fashion hangover, a delightfully shady video has surfaced showing a visibly annoyed Kendall Jenner pushing a security guard out of her photo op.

It’s just some wonderfully salty stuff. Who can blame her, really? Does he even know WHO SHE IS?!?

Check it out below via Teen Vogue:

She actually appears to be some kind of fashion robot, but she still looks stunning tbh.

Fans are pretty divided over the whole thing.

Some are calling her rude:

While others get that the woman was busy serving pure fire for the camera. If you get too close, ya gonna get burnt.

You do you, Kendall.

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