Kim Kardashian Shared A Pic Of Her Trash And People Can’t Cope

The extent to which the Kardashian’s incorporate glam into their day to day lives is honestly impressive and it turns out that even KimmyK’s trash is lux (of course).

Sure, celeb culture has a lot to do with designer brands, bling, and being extra – but there’s extra and then there’s extra. Kim Kardashian’s bins are about as extra as can be.

Kim shared the pic of her bins to Snapchat so that us peasants could see just how far we are from keeping up with the Kardashians. I guess if you’re raking in millions of dollars in a day’s work, why not have Louis Vuitton monogrammed bins ammirite?

Kim’s couture trash is wonderfully meme-able content and people are sharing some golden takes on Twitter. Thank you Kim for reminding us just how extra the Kardashian lifestyle is.

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