Kyle Sandilands annual salary

Kyle Sandilands Makes A Bucket Load Of Cash For Being A Dickhead

Kyle Sandilands is Australia’s most hated celebrity, but on yesterday’s program he revealed to his audience that it kinda pays well for talking garbage.

The notorious KIIS FM shock-jock was last year named the nations most disliked celebrity based on the ‘Encore Score’. The annual survey analyses over 400 entertainers and ranks them based on how much they are liked and trusted by varying demographics. This is handy info for brands, producers and marketers who then know which stars to chase for endorsements and cash.

No surprises, ol’ m8 Sandilands consistently ranks poorly because, well, at least in my opinion, he’s kinda’ a tool. But all credit to him, it’s a role he plays well.

Yesterday on the Kyle and Jackie O show, Sandilands was being quizzed by Channel Nine’s Ben Fordham who, within the context of the conversation, bullishly asked:

“Kyle how much money do you earn? Is it between $1 million and $2 million?”

Sandilands, who wears his heart on his sleeve and is not one to hold back quipped:

“It’s way more than that.”

Later dropping like it was NBD that it’s:

“more than $3 million” annually.

Kyle does have other businesses interests, so it seems like these must be footing the bill? Nope. He added that the $3M+ salary he commands is purely for his radio show.

He added that on top of talking garbage and raking in a cool $60k PER WEEK for his efforts – it’s his other businesses, like H2Coco that are making him some sweet dollar-dollar bills on the side. He told Fordham,

“I own businesses – coconut water… I make a fortune off that shit,”

But put Sandilands on ice because B&T report that Macquarie Radio’s Alan Jones pulls in more cash. Apparently he’s sitting pretty with a starting retainer of $4.5 million. That’s before sponsorship, advertising and speaking duties. WTAF.

BRB: studying radio and becoming a dickhead.

Check out a video snippet of the show below: