Kyle Sandilands Went To Woolies For The First Time In 20 Yrs, Was Shocked At All The… Food

In today’s edition of: “Aussie D-list celebrities — they’re just like us!” we’re here to chat about Kyle Sandilands’ first trip to Woolworths in 20 years.

Yes. Radio star Kyle, has apparently not stepped into a grocery store for 20 years. Which is way, WAY before the days of online shopping and delivery, may I add.

The KIIS FM host shared this super relatable story with co-host Jackie O, stating he wasn’t originally going to go into the bright, white lights of the store, but instead he got impatient waiting for his girlfriend Imogen Anthony, who he had sent in there to fetch him some soap.

Anthony recorded the whole thing for her Instagram story like it was the bloody moon landing.

kyle sandilands

As The Daily Telegraph reported, he then said as he made his way into the store that he was amazed and noted all the things he had never seen before, like the wide variety of uh, fresh foods, meats,  and… oats.

“In my cupboard for the last 20-something years there’s been Weet-Bix and Coco Pops. There are oats with vanilla, oats with honey, oats with honey and vanilla,” he said.

I just…

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There are a few questions I have after (unfortunately) listening to Kyle’s miraculous revelation:

  1.  Kyle, how have you been buying your groceries?
  2.  Were you literally not getting sick of eating Weet-Bix for 20 years straight?
  3.  Did you know you can also add vanilla and honey to plain oats if you wish without buying the flavoured sachets?
  4.  Why are you so alarmed that a grocery store has a wide variety of fresh food and meat to choose from?
  5.  Is it just Woolworths, or have you been ignoring Coles too?
  6. OMG, Kyle! Wait until you see the bargains at Aldi though! Have you also ever seen Kmart?!
  7.  Do you normally send your girlfriend to fetch basic necessities like soap for you?
  8.  Did the self-service machines absolutely baffle you?
  9.  Did you know to bring your own reusable bags?
  10. Did the frozen food section blow your goddamn mind?!
  11. Kyle, did you know you can scan an avo as an onion to save a little cash?

Hot tip for ya!

Let it be known that in Anthony’s Instagram story, when Kyle says he had not set foot in the store in 20 years, she replied with “no it’s not, this is a lie!”

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