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Kylie Jenner Just Revealed Her Baby Girl’s Name & People Are Already Taking The Piss

The torturous wait (of about 2 days) is finally over. Kylie Jenner revealed earlier this week that she had given birth to a beautiful baby girl and now we know the blessed child’s name: err, it’s Stormi.

Kylie name dropped on her Instagram account earlier this morn, with a cute albeit blurry pic of her and rapper Travis Scott’s new baby gurl.

stormi ????????

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Now, if your reaction to hearing the name Stormi is: ummmm okay hmmm yeah that’s nice but sorta weird but hmmmm I guess it’s cute but hmmmmmmm…yeah, you are not alone.

After the birth was confirmed, speculation went crazy over the bub’s name as fans starting dissecting any clues they could purge from Kylie’s video dedication to her new bub. With butterflies spotted in the video, many people thought they’d cracked the case.

But NOPE. Kylie wasn’t sending us any kind of secret signals and tbh fans are pretty confused by the name.

Reactions on Twitter to Kylie naming her bub  ‘Stormi’ are funny AF:

What about the butterflies?!?

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