Did Kylie Jenner Just Throw A Pink Themed “Baby Shower” Or Is The World Tripping?

So the day after Kim’s elaborate baby shower, Kylie Jenner also threw a pink-themed party, which was apparently also a baby shower??? Such a sneaky move – we are intrigued.

Ever since the Kylie Jenner pregnancy rumour mill started, this has been one hell of a ride between “yes she is, OFFICIALLY” and “nahh she’s not tho”. The latest from the “yea but she is actually” side of the story is this mystery brunch party that Kylie threw on Sunday morning at her house.

The Daily Mail put privacy ethics aside to catch some nosy af pics of the affair and from the looks of things, it was a pretty awesome party. What else do we expect from the Kardashion-Jenner clan?

The ‘scoop’ from E! News is that the shindig was a pretty intimate (but elaborate) function with about 30 people treated to a whole lot of brunch in Kylie’s backyard. Yay brunch. There were pink roses everywhere and white tents and all the guests were apparently gifted silk pyjamas and slippers to don for the pyjama party.

Whether it was a baby shower or what depends on who you ask at this point so it’s hard to know anything for sure except that fuck these guys know how to party.


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