Kylie Jenner Pregnant TikTok CLues

5 Clues TikTok Sleuths Used To Uncover Kylie Jenner’s Secret Pregnancy

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It’s official: Kylie Jenner is pregnant with her second child — and heavily pregnant, at that.

Kylie announced the news that she and Travis Scott were expecting their second child together this morning in an adorable announcement video that documented their secret pregnancy. In the clip, Kylie shared the moment she told Travis the news, video of ultrasound appointments, and footage of grandma Kris Jenner finding out she has another grandchild on the way.

But the internet has long speculated that Kylie was pregnant and hiding it thanks to a number of TikTok detectives who have been piecing clues together over the last few months.

So, here’s how these iconic sleuths uncovered Kylie Jenner’s secret pregnancy before TMZ and Page Six even knew:

1. The Nails

Kylie Jenner Pregnant TikTok CLues

According to TikTok, one of the biggest tells that Kylie was hiding something was the nail designs on her Instagram not matching with the current timeline.

On August 11, @emilycschwartz noticed that despite Kylie uploading a photo on her birthday to mark turning 24, the photo wasn’t actually from that day. You can tell because the manicure in the “birthday photo” doesn’t match the photo Kim Kardashian took during a toast at Kylie’s actual birthday brunch.

In the photo Kylie sports long, light pink acrylics. Meanwhile on Kim’s Instagram Story, Kylie has nails with neon green tips.

2. The Low-Key Birthday

Kylie Jenner Pregnant TikTok CLues

Normally when Kylie Jenner celebrates her birthday, she goes all out. So this year’s low-key affair seemed very out of character.

For example, in 2019 Kylie invited her family and friends on a luxury yacht trip around Italy. In 2020, likely due to the pandemic, Kylie stayed local and just headed out to Nobu with friends. But each year, no matter the occasion, Instagram is usually flooded with photos of the birthday girl during the festivities.

However, TikTok user @carolinecaresalot noted that this year there wasn’t a single shot of Kylie uploaded from her painting birthday brunch or her at-home birthday dinner. All documentation of both parties simply featured shots of hands, food, gifts, and decor — no Kylie in sight.

3. The Birthday Shoutouts With Throwback Pics

Kylie Jenner Pregnant TikTok CLues

Something else @carolinecaresalot noted was that beyond the low-key celebration lacking photos of Kylie from the day, any birthday shoutouts from family and friends were also only done using throwback photos.

Despite friends and family spending the entire day with Kylie, as stories suggested, no one used a current photo of Kylie from the celebration to publicly wish the billionaire a happy birthday.

In the wise words of Cardi B: That’s suspicious. That’s weird.

4. The Loose Reunion Outfit And “Fake” Shot

Kylie Jenner Pregnant TikTok CLues

While uncovering more clues about Kylie’s hidden pregnancy, @isshayok noticed a few suspicious details from the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reunion special.

Even though Kylie is usually known for her form-fitting outfits, the Vivienne Westwood gown she wore during the reunion had ruching around the stomach. And if the reunion was filmed in April 2021, and if Kylie is heavily pregnant now, she could’ve easily been hiding the early stages of a bump.

Also, during the show, the sisters took a shot of Kendall Jenner’s 818 tequila to celebrate. However, when Kylie took her shot, she turned her head away from the camera and it looks like she faked taking a sip. And if Kylie’s ‘Drunk Get Ready With Me’ videos are anything to go by, Kylie Jenner is not someone who often says no to a shot.

5. Caitlyn Jenner’s Slip Of The Tongue

Kylie Jenner Pregnant TikTok CLues

Now this one isn’t exactly because of TikTok detectives, but Caitlyn Jenner letting slip that she was expecting another grandchild did support the theories that were already swirling on the app.

On August 19, while on the campaign trail for her run for California Governor, Caitlyn blurted out that she “just found out the other day” that she had a 19th grandbaby on the way because “[there’s one] in the oven”.

But when Page Six reported that Kylie Jenner was expecting the next day, a “source” clarified that Caitlyn was actually talking about her son, Burt Jenner, who is currently expecting a baby with his girlfriend. Convenient, that.