kylie jenner rise and shine meme

Kylie Jenner Singing ‘Rise & Shine’ Is Our New Fave Meme

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Every so often a meme comes along that unites us all and breaks every barrier. Enter Kylie Jenner singing ‘Rise and Shine’ to her daughter Stormi.

It all came from the below video which Kylie posted giving a tour of her Kylie Cosmetics office. The magic really begins when she enters Stormi’s nursery and randomly sings “rise and shine” to her.

The truly bizarre moment quickly gained traction online and has turned into this week’s greatest meme. Even Ariana Grande has given Kylie’s masterpiece her own spin.

The song has become so iconic that people are even setting it as their wakeup alarm. It’s the kind of song that can be used in every situation and the memes are simply incredible.

Here’s a roundup of our fave Kylie Jenner ‘Rise and Shine’ memes:










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Kylie also shared a video of Stormi listening to a remixed version of ‘Rise and Shine’ – though, tbh, Stormi didn’t seem overly impressed.