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17 Times Lady Gaga Was Simply Fucking Iconic

Whether you’ve been a fan for a decade or are a newly appointed Little Monster, there is no denying Lady Gaga is ridiculously talented.

She’s good at literally everything. Like, how? It’s actually not fair.

While Gaga may have missed out on the ‘Lead Actress’ gong at the Academy Awards, she won hearts across the world with her phenomenal live duet with Bradley Cooper of ‘Shallow’… Which was basically just Gaga and Brad eye-banging each other for two straight minutes.

Gaga has had a bonkers 12 months with the success of A Star Is Born and we are truly feeling her oats right now. There can be 100 people in the room and most would agree that Lady Gaga is a fucking icon.

Here are all the times Gaga gave us life!

#1. She performed ‘Shallow’ with Cooper and we all sobbed uncontrollably.

#2. Then went and quashed that long-held beef with Madonna.

#3. This was after she won… an Oscar.

#4. And… a Golden Globe.

#5. And… a Critics Choice Award.

#6. Oh and… three Grammys.  All in the same year.

#7. Don’t forget she also won a Golden Globe in 2016 for American Horror Story.

#8. Along the way, she gifted us with some wonderful memes. Like this:

#9. And this:

#10. Meanwhile, her hit song ‘Shallow’ has broken all kinds of records.

#11. Before this year, during the California fires she delivered pizza to evacuated survivors.

#12. She has proven how much she appreciates her fans and army of Little Monsters.

#13. She performed her song ‘Til It Happens To You’ at the 2016 Academy Awards with survivors of sexual abuse.

#14. Her hit ‘Born This Way’ is the ultimate LGBTQI anthem for self-love.

#15. And her debut album ‘The Fame’, redefined pop music forever.

#16. She is an icon for the ages. We all bow down.

#17. Most importantly, her reaction to winning an Oscar is the biggest mood ever.

Sama, Gaga. Same.