lady gaga golden globes meme

This Awkward Lady Gaga Interview Has Turned Into 2019’s Most Relatable Meme

While the Golden Globes were at the beginning of the week, the awards are still gifting us with some hilarious content and Lady Gaga is the latest meme queen.

We all know that Lady Gaga won the red carpet in her stunning soft blue Valentino gown, which was assumed to be inspired by Judy Garland’s dress in the 1954 adaptation of A Star Is Born. Comparisons were quickly drawn between the two gowns and media reports suggested this was something Lady Gaga and her design team had planned.

Turns out, NOPE. When Gaga was shown the image of Garland and asked if her gown was based on Garland’s dress, she was so stunned and confused she didn’t know what to say, replying:

“Oh…you know what? I don’t…I…n-no…we didn’t say that…uh, no, but i-it looks an awful lot like that now, doesn’t it?”

Naturally, it has become an instant meme.

It’s just an incredibly relatable reaction to being put on the spot and unable to form a coherent response.

Here are some of our fave memes to blossom from the awkies Golden Globes moment:

And, my personal fave: