Laura From Bachy On Bella’s Sneaky Kiss, Why Everyone Was Always Crying & Whether She’d Do ‘BIP’

Laura Calleri came into The Bachelor ready for love and a man that would hopefully buy her a $2000 handbag, but instead she was faced with Locky who liked gifts from the heart and adventures around Bali.

While she rubbed people the wrong way initially, fans of The Bachelor series slowly warmed to her throughout the series as they cottoned onto the fact her very dry commentary was more often taking the piss vs. being deadly serious about the show.

Laura was one of five women to be left roseless in last night’s episode, just missing out on the part where production fully shut down. For the WA native, it meant she was able to get home just in time before the borders shut, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect.

Fans of the show however, were sad to see her go. Who’s going to commentate for us now?!

We chatted to Laura about her time on The Bachelor, whether Locky is her usual type, and why the hell everyone was constantly crying.

laura cocktail party the bachelor

On watching the show back:

“Oh, it’s been weird to be honest. I think when you’re in there you don’t really know what’s going to make the cut. Then you have everyone’s opinions to deal with. In the beginning, I had quite a few haters, whereas now I think people have started to like me and they understand I am quite dry and sarcastic. I had so many messages last night though of people saying they don’t want to watch the show anymore, so I was like ‘oh bless!’ Initially, everyone was taking everything I said so literally I was like, can everyone just calm down for a minute!”

On her connection with Locky and why she was so upset at the rose ceremony:

“I don’t know if you saw, but Bella came straight over to me, she’s my best mate, I adore Bella. It was saying goodbye to the girls, the whole experience, we found about Covid and that was so tough. I think it was just a whirlwind of emotion to be honest, not so much Locky [laughs]. I felt like if we were to spend more time together we could’ve built a connection. But time is your enemy in a situation like that, and it’s so hard to spend time with him and hang out with him.”

laura the bachelor 2020 recap

On whether Locky is her usual type:

“Looks-wise he’s my usual type, but as for his extracurricular activities, probably not! I think adventure is good for some girls, but it’s not my kind of thing.”

On leaving the Bachy mansion and coming into a whole new reality because of Covid-19:

“It was crazy, when I got to the airport it was a ghost town. It was really scary. Then combining that with coming home and having to isolate and not being able to hug my friends and family was so tough. All you want is some normality back in your life, and it was so, so hard. The borders were actually closing, so I luckily got in pretty much in time.”

On why the cocktail parties always seemed so intense:

“Look, it definitely was intense. It’s such a stressful environment that you’re in, emotions are really high, even little things… like we’d all get our periods at the same time, we were super hormonal. It was really hard. Adding in the fact you’re vying for the attention of the same guy, and all of your external support network is pretty much taken away from you, I think the tears are warranted!”

laura nicole the bachelor

On Bella’s sneaky kiss with Locky at the cocktail party:

“From where I was sitting, I could see it, and someone said something so I looked and turned back. Then when she came back, we asked if they had kissed, I can’t remember if she ended up telling me or not. It was funny because I didn’t really care at that point, but it was a talking point because a lot of the other girls weren’t OK with it.”

On whether she’d do Bachelor In Paradise:

“I think people may want to see me now on Bachelor In Paradise? I would. I was trying to think about who would be my type the other day, thinking if I was going to go on Paradise who I’d be keen on. I don’t think there’s anyone that I’d be super into. Obviously I can’t deny that Jackson Garlick is a babe.”

Punkee: “And he has a pie company.”

Laura: “Oh my God, he does too! I’m a vegetarian but I’m sure we could make it work.”

On who she thinks will win Locky’s heart:

“I think Bella will win, to be honest. I really, really do. There’s no denying they have such a strong connection and they have from the get-go.”