Lee Harding Wasabi

A Dedication To The Greatest Australian Song To Ever Exist, ‘Wasabi’

The year was 2006. Australian Idol was in its third season, and the prince of pop punk, Lee Harding was introduced to the general public.

Forget Pete Wentz. Move over Brendon Urie. Harding and his multi-coloured hair stole the hearts of many around Australia.

He didn’t win Aussie Idol. He didn’t even come second. But what he did next, was far more impressive than what anyone could’ve ever expected.

He released a song called ‘Wasabi’.

He fucking did that!

Here’s a bunch of reasons why this iconic tune should basically be the next national anthem:

1. It’s catchy AF

lee harding wasabi

2. The film clip is understated

Lee Harding Wasabi

3. The lyrics are next-level genius

4. Harding’s hair looks real good and his eyeliner is ON POINT

Lee Harding Wasabi

5. He managed to slip in a reference towards Viagra

Lee Harding Wasabi

6. It’s an actual fact that to this very day most Aussie’s can’t see/hear the word ‘Wasabi’ without gleefully singing it Image result for wasabi gifs lee harding

So join me in raising your glasses of Passion Pop and toasting to a true Aussie icon.

Lee Harding, it’s time for a reunion tour.